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Guideline To Author(s)

1. Manuscript should be within 15,000 words (however, it can be extended for quality research works)

2. Abstract should not be longer than 300 words. It should include introduction, methodology, result and discussion and conclusion in brief.

3. Manuscript should be typed using Times New Roman Font with 1.15 line spacing. Title of the paper should be typed in Bold 14 size font and the rest should be typed in 12 font size.

4. Proper citation should be given while citing others works using APA referencing style.

5. Tables, figures and Maps should be submitted in a separate file with minimum 300 DPI (preferably).

6. Author’s names should not be mentioned in the main manuscript file as per the strict policies of the journal. A separate cover letter should be submitted with the main manuscript mentioning Title, Author’s Names and Affiliation, funding and acknowledgement.

7. Local and Scientific names should be typed in italics and their general meaning should be mentioned within the bracket.

8. UK English should be followed for the entire manuscript.

9. If Author is using his/her previously published works then it should be cited properly. Self-plagiarism will not be tolerated as per new UGC-guideline.

10. Plagiarism below 10% is acceptable.

11. Uniformity should be maintained throughout the manuscript. For example: if you are using 20th July 2020 then all the dates format should be similar. Furthermore, if you are denoting ‘Km’ then it should be uniform throughout the manuscript.