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Guideline To Author(s)

Guidelines to Authors

The Editorial Board of this UGC-CARE listed journal North Eastern Geographer seeks to publish quality research papers which will be of interest to the community of geography and allied disciplines. The papers contributed to the journal must be of high standard and should reflect scholarship and significance. The style of presentation should be straight and clear.
While preparing a paper for submission to the North Eastern Geographer, the authors must strictly adhere to the following specific guidelines. Any paper submitted for the journal not conforming to the following guidelines and lack quality shall be immediately rejected.

1. Manuscript should be written in standard English in A4 size paper within a maximum of 7500 words in Times New Roman with 12 size font and 1.5 line spacing, and border margin of 2cm along all sides. The sub-headings should be in 12 size bold font. The total number of pages for the paper including the abstract, text, tables & figures, and references must not exceed 15. The manuscript must be submitted in MS Word file only.

2. The title page of the paper should contain the complete title of the paper in 14 size all cap bold, followed by author(s) name, designation, affiliation with full address of each author, mobile number and email id of the corresponding author.

3. Each paper must be accompanied by an Abstract not exceeding250 words. It should cover an introduction of the research problem and its significance, objectives, methods and major findings. The key words to the maximum of five should be mentioned at end of the abstract. The title of the paper should be placed just before start of the abstract. The main text of the paper should also start in the same page after the abstract. The foot notes must be avoided. However, notes explaining some special or technical terms, formulae, etc used in the paper may be given serially as indicated in the text just after completion of the text and before references.

4. The citation in the text should be made properly following APA style. The citations made in the text must be given in the form of references after completion of text of the paper using APA referencing style alphabetically.

5. The tables and figures necessary for the paper should be prepared carefully and efficiently. The tables should have appropriate title with table number, column description and must be indicated in the text. The figures limited to two pages must be of professional quality with desired cartographic accuracy and serially numbered with an appropriate title at the bottom of respective figures. Each figure included in the paper must be cited in the text. The figures, particularly in the case of maps, should be submitted in a separate file preferably with minimum 300 DPI.

6. Acknowledgement for academic help, funding, etc, and Statement of conflict of interest, if any, may be given at the end of the paper.

7. Local and scientific names should be typed in italics and their general meaning should be mentioned within brackets. All units of measurements must be in international system. For maintaining uniformity in spelling of standard terms UK English should be followed.

9. Plagiarism of any form including self-plagiarism is not accepted. Hence, in the case of referring others works or even own works in the paper, proper citation and references must be given.

10. The paper submitted for publication must accompany a report of plagiarism check with a standard software. In any case similarity rate of above 10% is not acceptable.

11. The manuscript must be accompanied by a certificate from the author(s) clearly stating that the paper has not been published or sent for publication in any other journal or edited book.

12. For any query about the submitted paper, one can contact through email id: [email protected]